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Fun Facts

Ever wonder what makes Burris Logistics so unique? Check out our list of random fun facts and discover for yourself what makes us such a reliable partner to work with and a great employer to work for.

Random Facts about Burris


Every year, Burris delivers over 46 million cases of product to our customers. If there’s a product in the frozen food aisle, very likely a member of our team got it there.


There is nothing ordinary about a Burris warehouse. All told, Burris has more than 247,000 pallet positions of storage space in dry, cooler, and freezers.


Burris Logistics traces its origin back to 1925 when John W. Burris and his father, Edward, worked together shipping tomatoes from the Delmarva Peninsula into Philadelphia.



Burris moves product to customers around the country with a network of more than 600 combined trucks and trailers. These trucks ride more than 26 million miles annually.


Storing perishables and moving them across the country provides unique employment opportunities for people looking for an interesting career. At Burris, it’s about safety, efficiency and meeting customer needs.


In the Burris freezers temperatures are maintained at less than -10 degrees.

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